White Flood – Supplement Review

White Flood is a Nitric Oxide pre-workout supplement, designed to give you energy and make sure you can give it your all whenever you step into the gym. The supplement is 0 calorie, so contains no carbs or fat – making it suitable whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. Controlled Labs have a good track record in producing supplements, but does White Flood meet expectations?


Taste – 6/10

I’ve been taking White Flood as a pre workout supplement for a number of months now, and still the taste is a bit strong, it doesn’t taste so good that I look forward to it, put it that way! It’s not something I’ve ever grown to love, but is fairly easy to drink, and certainly won’t disgust you. I’d recommend the lemonade flavour over fruit punch, but you might want to try a sample of each before committing to purchasing the supplement, as it can be quite expensive.

Energy – 9/10

White Flood definitely gives a boost in the gym, and helps you to get those last few tough reps out. White Flood is especially helpful if you’re training first thing in the morning, after either a small breakfast or fasted. I find that even on an empty stomach I can perform well with a couple of scoops of White Flood 15-20 minutes before working out. The effects also help with cardiovascular work. The primary ingredients that really help with making you push yourself that bit further are caffeine and theobromine – you may find that you sweat more in the gym after taking White Flood – due to a temporary small increase in metabolism from these compounds.

Pump – 6/10

Pump wise I’ve found that White Flood does make a bit of a difference, although it’s not something I look for specifically in a pre workout supplement. Certainly if you are primarily looking to get a great pump going in the gym, not the energy or focus boost, I would consider a different pre workout supplement.

Focus – 9/10

2 scoops of white flood results in a greatly increased focus level in my experience, although you’ll need to play around with dosages to see what works for you. If you take too much you can start to feel palpitations, uncomfortably hot and shaky (presumably due to the caffeine). The increased focus really helps you to keep your mind on your workouts, great when you’re going for a new PB.

Price – 7/10

White Flood is quite expensive compared with some other pre workout supplements, but in my opinion worth the price. If your budget doesn’t stretch though, there are plenty of other good alternatives out there.

Mixability – 10/10

I’ve never had any issues mixing White Flood, just chuck a scoop or two into a couple hundred ml or water, shake for a few seconds and it dissolves.

Overall – 8/10

White Flood is definitely a pre workout supplement worth considering – however like all supplements, different people react differently to various products, so it’s worth getting your hands on a sample if you can, to see how you get along with it. I’ve personally had great experiences, with dramatic increases in both focus and energy during gym sessions. I recommend cycling off of any pre workout supplements for at least 1 week in every 12 weeks, to ensure you continue getting the benefits of the supplement, and reduce the effects of any tolerance build up.

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